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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Before I began this post today, I was honestly feeling a little gloomy. I was being down on myself - not totally uncommon! A lot of my past social anxiety came from feeling like I hadn't accomplished much in life. I always felt inferior when in conversation with others and when meeting new people there was much fear and discomfort surrounding those experiences.

Now it was bad enough in my eyes that I wasn't employed in some successful position, I didn't finish school and was in debt, and the list could go on.... but the worst part for me and something I still struggle with is the stigma of my past health issues. Mental Health! It would take a decade to share with you what I experienced and literally it took me that long to recover; thankfully!

In regards to mental health and those who suffer, I truly am an advocate for all people who can't cope with a dark world, and long in their heart and soul for heaven; because that is where God dwells! And He longs to save those who need saving! Jesus didn't overcome the cross for nothing!

So here I am today... was feeling a bit blue thinking that I have yet to make my mark in life! I am usually pretty optimistic and always like to be encouraging to those in my life; however I'm not always as loving with myself - I'm sure some can relate! Then God gently reminded me that I am a light to those around me and that part of my purpose in life to is help others see His light and that alone has the power to save them. So in other words I get to partner with our Loving Creator in saving others in little ways, big ways, and all!

Thank you for reading!

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