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Rebuilding the temple!

Allow me to set the tone by painting a simple picture with words: There is a piece of land and this land is all soil and all the soil is holy ground. Now the temple is being built up on this soil. The bricks are perfectly shaped and ready to stand through any storm. The temple is well underway now and it's looking great. It takes time and precision to build this temple and of course patience and protection. The temple is now built and its altogether beautiful!

Sounds simple enough; however, not so simple at all!

Recently I moved to the big busy city... Toronto Canada! Interestingly enough my lifestyle was the exact opposite of big and busy. Was used to living a small and simple way of life, and somehow I still kind of have been. Nothing wrong with small and simple; however this was not my desire as it was no longer fitting my needs in respect to personal growth.

Now, I managed to move into a new place and in retrospect, what I didn't realize until recently was that I was still leveraging on old ways to try to achieve new results. I left small town wilderness behind but somehow managed to bring the bubble with me. What I get now is that the bubble no longer serves me!

I live in a small 1 bedroom condo + den for which I am truly grateful for and finally starting to feel better about! I am in the process of rebuilding my life in so many ways. I have goals and dreams and am excited to start working and living in new ways! I've experienced some delays and what seemed to be like a slower start but like any setback there is always an opportunity for a greater comeback!

I look forward to writing more in the future, but that's it for this post!

Goodnight Toronto!

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