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Courage in the City...

So here I am, sitting at Starbucks in Kleinburg. Once in a while I like to drive to a Starbucks I've never been too; I especially consider the location as well when choosing which one to go to. I like this one because it truly feels like an authentic coffee house with a rustic appeal. It takes a bit of courage on my part just to go out of my comfort zone and visit a new place - somewhere I've never been before! Interestingly, today I am starting a new read: "Courageous Women of the Bible."

As I begin to read through the intro I am already inspired! Let me tell you more...

"Courage advances us into opportunities we would otherwise shrink back from and avoid. Courage compels us to use gifts otherwise left on the shelf: to write the book, sing the song, stick with the diet, run the race, start a new business! Courage helps us to push through to the finish line!" (Courageous Women of the Bible, by Latan Roland Murphy)

What comes to mind for me when I read this excerpt is the word "GOAL"... I see the word GOAL and I'd like to think of my GOALS as God given dreams whether big or small, I would like to go all in, in achieving them all!

GOAL = GO ALL in toward every God given dream!

It definitely takes courage to step up and step out and live a life worth living!

I have a lot more I'd like to share about courage & I hope to do just that!

Stay tuned to the Heroine Chronicles for more on courage and living from that space!

Good Evening :)

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