• Suzanne Cruz

Beauty from ashes...

Dedicated to all women with the little ones especially in mind...

I've been through my share of pain and some sayings like "no pain no gain" are starting to ring true!

A bad tendency I had was to hide from the pain for fear of experiencing it again so instead of learning from it I would try to escape from it - much like living in a nervous state where you're almost always in fight or flight mode. Well there comes a point in life where you begin to transcend this nervous state and you experience stillness in your soul - accompanied by inner strength that helps you become whole and true. In all of life's hardship and pain there are valuable lessons to be learned and chains to be broken in order to pave a new way! You learn about yourself better and what you want and what you absolutely don't want! When it comes to beauty in relation to women we must know that our beauty begins from within and that no one and nothing has the right to strip that away from us. We are born beautiful and beautiful we shall stay! Insecurity is not our friend and I don't know about you but I've battled with fear and insecurity since childhood and only recently have I began to experience victory in this fight for freedom! The sad thing about pain from fear and insecurity is that it also hurts the people we care about the most. We fail ourselves and fail them from experiencing life to the fullest which is to experience life from a healthy and happy heart. A pure loving heart that is holy and good! This is the abundant life we are called to live. It's world changing and awesome to life a holy life! So totally goes against conventional thoughts about what living a happy and healthy life might look like! Usually that can be a selfish ambition and only leads to defeat in the end but true victory is to love and love is not selfish - Love is beautiful and free; awesome and holy! ...just like you and me! So why not live the law of Love and be true to the commandment that Jesus gave which is to Love God first and then Love others alike ourselves...

This is Beauty from ashes. Written by Suzanne Cruz!

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