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~Professional in Writing & Aspiring Authorpreneur~

Quote: "Your talent is God's gift to you!  What you do with it is your gift back to God!"


For as long as I have been working, I distinctly remember being busy in the background helping others build up their business in the best of ways.  From Operations to Administration & Customer Service; I always excelled in working well for others. 

The experience was great, but after feeling undervalued, I decided to go to University where I ventured to study what I thought would be a great fit for me: Business (Marketing). 

I excelled in my studies; however, for personal health reasons I was not able to complete my Degree.  My health suffered for a period of nearly 10 years for which most of I spent unable to work.  During my time of recovery, I explored my creative talents & began writing personally and professionally. 

I spent some time volunteering at a Website Development & Marketing Media Company where I gained great experience in branding, website building, designing business cards, brochures, creating content for web, social media & more. 

Soon thereafter I began blogging, and more recently writing professionally.  

I'm thankful to God for His Love, the blessing of better health, for the strength and ability to work, and so much more. May the blog help inspire others fearlessly & fiercely to fight for truth, justice, & freedom; despite any adversity they may have faced. 

Don't be afraid to soar when you have been given wings to fly! #superheroesforlife

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